NBA. Joël Embiid allows the Sixers to conclude, Chris Paul shines with Phoenix… The summary of the night

The fear in the stomach of finding themselves back against the wall, the Sixers? Nay, it was on the contrary with the bit in their teeth that Philadelphia completed their series of the 1st round (4-2) in Toronto, chasing the shadow of a doubt which hovered over their ability to finish the job, after leading 3-0 and then letting the Canadians come back to 3-2.

Embiid back in shape

However, to date in the NBA, a team that has won the first three games has never lost the next four. Philly, by not letting Toronto equalize at 3-3, therefore avoided a game with a cleaver and this potential pitfall. Something to reassure Doc Rivers, who appeared annoyed in recent hours when we came to remind him of his liabilities in this area, since he is the only coach to have experienced three eliminations after leading 3-1 in play-off oppositions.

The mobilization was collective and the basketball of good quality, in the wake of Joel Embiid. The strongman of the Sixers, who has suffered from a torn ligament since match N.3 and appeared diminished in the next two, was once again dominant inside (33 pts, 10 rebounds, 3 blocks).

The Cameroonian pivot added a sore to his list, since he took an involuntary elbow above the right eye by his compatriot Pascal Siakam (24 pts, 7 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 interceptions), the Raptors the most aggressive on the floor. A slight cut without too much apparent damage however.

Another reason for satisfaction for the 76ers, the very solid performance of James Harden (22 pts, 15 assists) who heard Embiid’s call, urging him to play more aggressively after the previous game.

Fullback Tyrese Maxey also made a significant contribution with 25 points in the bag (8 assists), the overall address proving remarkable (57.5%). All of these ingredients will be needed in Philadelphia to try to meet the challenge of Miami, finalist in 2020, guided by Jimmy Butler.

Chris Paul wears Phoenix

Mission accomplished also for Phoenix in Louisiana. The best team of the regular season had the last word in six games (4-2) against the Pelicans and it was the inevitable Chris Paul who pronounced it.

Master of money-time throughout the season, to tip the matches in favor of the Suns when they were tight, « CP3 » once again demonstrated its know-how, scoring 10 of its 33 points in the 4th quarter, to finish with an impressive 100% on shots (14/14) and 8 assists.

Before him, no player had ever scored so many shots without missing in the play-offs. And it was his shot in the middle of traffic that gave the Suns oxygen in the last minute, after Larry Nance Jr had just brought « NOLA » closer to three units.

Devin Booker back, after three games away due to a contracture in the right hamstring, he struggled to find the right rhythm (13 pts, at 5/12). But his teammates were up to the job, with the overall address hitting 60%.

The Pelicans were not unworthy, like Brandon Ingram (21 pts, 11 rebounds), without however being able to build on their lead of ten lengths at the break. Enough to make their coach Willie Green shed a tear of emotion, consoled afterwards by his counterpart Monty Williams, whose assistant he was last year.

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The Suns are now waiting to know their opponent, who will be Dallas or Utah (3-2) opposed in the evening.

NBA. Joël Embiid allows the Sixers to conclude, Chris Paul shines with Phoenix… The summary of the night

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