NBA / Jeep Elite – Victor Wembanyama and his 2m20 posterized!

Victor Wembanyama has accustomed us to making the highlights thanks to his monstrous blocks, his surprising dribbling, or his long distance skill … But this Sunday, he was especially noticed for an inglorious action: he was violently posterized during the meeting against Cholet !

Victor Wembanyama is already a great player by height, being 2m19 at only 17 years old, and he has the potential to become a great player thanks to his talent. His profile is already the dream of all NBA scouts, and his performances on the floor confirm all the good he says about him. It’s not for nothing if he already finds himself in big transfer rumors !

While waiting for a possible departure, in France or across the Atlantic, Victor Wembanyama must end the current season with Nanterre. The Ile-de-France franchise is currently 10th in the Jeep Elite thanks in particular to a series of 6 consecutive victories… Unfortunately, if his team won again this Sunday against Cholet, the young pivot was named him…

Victor Wembanyama is huge and he likes to defend his basket on top of that… So obviously he risks taking some pretty violent posters in his career! Fortunately, his match is not limited to this action, since he also posed the only two blocks of his team. A good way to catch up.

We must also add to that 11 points (including a 3/3 with 3 points) and 5 rebounds! The young pivot is progressing at breakneck speed and his future seems more than ever to be written in the NBA! And with the monstrous athletes who make up the American League, he will have to be particularly careful to avoid this kind of poster.

Victor Wembanyama is a perfect target for the most athletic dunkers… This is not the last time he will find himself on a poster!

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