NBA / High School – A high school student goes crazy and hits an opponent with a violent knockout!

While big scenes of tension are animating NBA games these days, the American high school circuit seems to want to take the fold. Unlike an Isaiah Stewart on LeBron James, a high school student from Iowa has indeed hit his target, and sharply sent it to the ground!

A few days ago, the NBA community celebrated the 17th anniversary of the famous episode « Malice at the Palace », and its monumental brawl that has remained in the legend of the league. Without the NBA having planned any tribute for this occasion, which may seem logical, some of its stars have tried to keep the memory alive, by themselves triggering big scuffles.

Whether it’s Nikola Jokic with Markieff Morris, or Lebron james with Isaiah Stewart, the big names of the orange ball have indeed displayed glaring signs of tension in recent days. Scenes that do not really set a good example for American and world youth, who take them as a model. This was also verified once again a few hours ago, during a dark high-school meeting disputed in Iowa.

The viral video of the knockout of a high school student in the middle of a match

The names will probably mean nothing to you – and nothing more normal in that – but the Carlisle Wildcats welcomed the Nevada Cubs on their floor on Tuesday. A meeting during which the hosts did not make the weight, and were heavily inclined to the score of 47-72. Apparently very frustrated by this result, one of the Wildcats players really pulled out after the final buzzer, by knocking out one of his opponents!

The reasons for this aggression remain unknown for the time being, as do the possible sanctions that the young man could incur. Anyway, it only took the latter two well-placed shots to send his target to the ground! The rest of this scene doesn’t really make any more sense, even after the US media report. The Big Lead.

The Nevada Cubs beat the Carlisle Wildcats, 72-47, in a basketball game at the Iowa High School Tour on Tuesday night. During the handshake after the game, a player from Carlisle attacked the player leading the line from Nevada. He first hit him in the body, before knocking him out with a punch in the face. (…) There was obviously a ton of confusion, before the coaches started shouting at their players to run to the locker room.

Shortly after the anniversary date of the infamous Malice at the Palace, this high school player therefore paid a very special tribute, by sending his opponent to nothing. Ron Artest would be proud!

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