NBA: French team, USA … Gobert makes a huge appeal to Embiid


While he recently obtained French nationality, Joel Embiid was expected to join the France team, particularly with a view to the 2024 Olympic Games. But the Sixers pivot could also evolve with Team USA, which is trying to convince him. to join its ranks. Rudy Gobert spoke on this subject and spoke out in favor of the arrival of Joel Embiid.

L’French team has good days ahead. While she can always count on players like Rudy Gobert Where Evan FournierVictor Wembanyama recently made his debut with the Blues. The young phenomenon of French basketball experienced his first selections a few weeks ago, facing the Lithuania and the bosnia. But another pivot could soon join the workforce of Vincent Collet.

« The most important thing is whether his heart tells him to be part of the France team »

Indeed, for several months now, Joel Embiid is expected to join theFrench team, he who obtained French nationality. Only problem, he is also eligible to play with the Team USA, who tries to convince him. Asked about this, Rudy Gobert estimate that «  the most important thing is whether his heart tells him to be part of the France team. I want him to do it for the right reasons. As long as he understands that the France team is different from the NBA “, he confided to The Athletic.

“If he does, I think he will be an incredible addition to our team”

Rudy Gobert has followed :  » We have rules, we have things to do. Sometimes we all have lunch and dinner together, it’s not everyone doing their own thing. They are two different teams. But I think the most important thing for us, for him and for me, is that I want to make sure that he does it from his heart. And if he does, I think he’ll be an amazing addition to our team. It has to come from him. Either you’re into it or you’re not. You can’t just show yourself. » Joel Embiid is warned.


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