NBA, free agency – Record contract for Jokic with the Nuggets, Batum continues the adventure with the Clippers


It’s not surprising information, but the numbers make you dizzy. $264 million. That’s how much the Denver Nuggets negotiated with two-time MVP Nikola Jokic to extend his contract for the next five years. It’s simply the biggest financial deal in league history. The Denver Post is one of many news outlets reporting on the deal as the free agent negotiation period begins.

This news was not unexpected, Jokic, elected in May best player of the NBA regular season for the second consecutive year, had said that he was not interested in a transfer after the defeat of Denver against the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs.


Denver is still alive

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Asked about his franchise’s offer and whether or not he would like to continue, he said: « Of course I will accept it because I really like this organization, I really like the people who work here« He said to maintain »very good relations with everyone, from the owner to the equipment manager« . Drafted in 41st position in 2014 by Denver, Jokic has become a superstar as discreet as it is essential for the Nuggets.

Batum two more years with the Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers French winger Nicolas Batum announced on Friday that he has extended his contract for two more seasons with the California franchise. « I am very excited to find this organization that welcomed me to my lowest point“, explained the 33-year-old player on his Twitter account.

In November 2020, Batum was cut from the Charlotte Hornet roster before joining the Clippers. he started 54 of the 59 games he played last season, averaging 8.3 points and 4.3 rebounds per game.

Batum is expected to earn 11 million dollars (10.5 million euros) per season until 2024. The French international, who will not play in the European basketball championship in September, plans to retire at the start of the season. outcome of the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Nicolas Batum (Los Angeles Clippers) against Portland

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Beal, Booker and Morant will extend

Three other NBA stars are also expected to extend their contracts with their respective franchises. Devin Booker is set to sign a four-year extension with the Phoenix Suns for a fee between 214 and 244 million euros.

It would be five years for Ja Morant, who would have agreed with the Memphis Grizzlies. The contract is estimated between 193 and 231 million dollars. Finally, Bradley Beal would have agreed with the Washington Wizards to continue the adventure for five years with, again, an XXL contract of more than 250 million dollars.

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