NBA: France, United States … Big update on the Embiid case


NBA: France, United States … Focus on the Embiid case

Posted on October 1, 2022 at 2:35 a.m. by The editorial staff

Only two months ago, Joel Embiid received French nationality. Of Cameroonian origin, the pivot of the Philadelphia Sixers announced on Thursday that he now had American nationality. The France team or Team USA? For which selection will Embiid evolve? Faced with this question, clarifications have been made regarding the future of one of the best days in the NBA.

Tipped to represent theFrench team during the 2024 Olympics, Joel Embiid announced on Thursday that he now has American nationality. The fulcrum of Philadelphia Sixers spoke about this announcement during an interview for Associated Press.

« I live here and it’s a blessing to be an American »

Born Cameroonian, Joel Embiid received French citizenship only two months ago and now has a US passport. For the pivot of Philadelphia Sixersthis decision was more than obvious. “Let’s say I am Cameroonian, American and French. I have been here (in the United States) for a long time. My son is American. I live here and it’s a blessing to be an American. So I said: why not? »

« I don’t think he will play for the US national team »

According to information from Parisian, the steps taken for American nationality were launched at the beginning of the year, with the support of his franchise. A relative of Joel Embiid spoke in particular about his decision-making. “It’s a request that came naturally and it’s not something sudden. It is even a logical choice vis-à-vis his history with the United States. His approach is personal because his son was born here, Joel has lived here for almost twelve years, so I don’t think it’s in order to play with Team USA. I don’t think he will play for the US national team. (…) He is fully focused on the NBA, it is his priority. His whole future in selection will depend on the coming season. If this year he can become champion with Philadelphia, it will take the weight off his shoulders. »

« The player is free to do what he wants »

the Parisian adds in particular that on the side of the FFBB the choice of Joel Embiid to have the American nationality is not a problem:  » This is not a problem. The player is free to do what he wants, it’s always the speech that we held. »

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