NBA: Evan Fournier’s big rant (video)


NBA: Evan Fournier’s big rant (video)

Posted on September 10, 2022 at 10:35 a.m. by Jules Kutos-Bertin

Before facing Turkey in the round of 16 of the Eurobasket, the Blues had to qualify in a strong group with Slovenia and Germany. Beyond these two shocks, France had to overcome Hungary in a more difficult match than expected. At halftime, Evan Fournier, unhappy, even let out a big rant.

After a brilliant silver medal obtained at the Olympic GamesI’French team is back this summer for theEurobasket. Considered favorites of this tournament, the Blues achieved a half-hearted group stage. The inaugural defeat against Germany hurt, even if the men of Vincent Collet reacted by defeating Hungary, Lithuania and Bosnia. The setback against Slovenia will not have changed much, especially given the small controversy over the refereeing.

Vincent Collet stepped up

At the end of a tough match marked by the XXL pressure of Luka Doncic, Vincent Collet complained about the refereeing: The France team has also accomplished things in recent years that deserve to be refereed correctly. We are not asking for preferential treatment but to be refereed correctly. Tonight that was not the case. There was a total lack of respect towards us (…) It’s part of the game but up to a point. Tonight, I consider that we were mistreated. It’s our best match of all this tournament, unfortunately it is not rewarded. I’ve been in basketball for 50 years, I’m known for being calm and respectful. I have always thought that we should not deal with the referees. But here, it is no longer possible. Tonight, it matters too much. We played against a great team, like a great team, the players have to decide the result”.

Fournier and Gobert too

Comments shared by Evan Fournier and Rudy Gobert who, too, did not understand the arbitration of this shock against Slovenia. But beyond this meeting, the one against Hungary also made people talk. If this duel could look like a transition match, the Blues had to win, which they did, but with difficulty. And at halftime Evan Fournierthe captain of theFrench teamwas not satisfied with the performance of his team.

“As of tonight, this match is going in the trash”

 » Why are we frustrated? There is a game to be won. Anyway, we’re frustrating against each other, what’s the point? We are going to play badly. We can be frustrated against the referee, against the adversaries, but between us? What is this mess. That’s how we’re gonna get there wesh? Didn’t enjoy the game yesterday? Guersch (Yabusele)? Did you have fun? Why don’t we do the same tonight? Because we play the Hungarians? Guys, tonight this game is going in the trash. We move on, we leave it behind. But never again. It’s not us, it’s not our DNA « , dropped Evan Fournier in comments relayed by Let’s talk basketball. A speech reminiscent of the now legendary rant of Tony Parker at the half-time of France-Spain at theEuro 2013. Hope for the band at Evan Fournier that this Eurobasket 2022 ends the same way…

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