NBA Draft 2021 – the big recap: everything you need to know is there, the ultimate benchmark after the crazy evening of Thursday

We knew that the evening of the NBA Draft 2021 was going to be great, we were not disappointed. A lot has happened in the last few hours on the basketball world, between selection of prospects, transfers, and a lot of other stuff. So what better than a big recap to have it all in mind? At your service ladies and gentlemen.

The main picks

We start with the big draft picks, because they were obviously at the heart of the evening yesterday. Cade Cunningham in 1, Jalen Green in 2, Evan Mobley in 3, no surprises on the podium. Then, on the other hand, it got a little carried away. The Raptors preferred to take Scottie Barnes instead of Jalen Suggs, who ultimately ended up on the Orlando side. As for the Thunder, they decided to bet on the Australian Josh Giddey in number six. You can find the little analysis for each Top 9 pick just below, and we even highlighted the first Portuguese all-time to be drafted. Because the NBA Draft is above all that, dreams that come true and barriers that fall.

  • Official, Cade Cunningham drafted in 1 by the Pistons: a new era opens in Detroit, and it’s already very exciting
  • Official, Jalen Green drafted in 2 by the Rockets: the Rockets have found their nugget to take off as quickly as possible
  • Official, Evan Mobley drafted in 3 by the Cavaliers: Ohio holds its length, it’s up to her to have fun under the baskets
  • Official, Scottie Barnes drafted in 4 by the Toronto Raptors: here is the first surprise of this Draft 2021!
  • Official, Jalen Suggs drafted in 5 by the Magic: Disney has found a new animation, and it will sell dreams
  • Official, Josh Giddey drafted in 6 by the Thunder: scenes of jubilation in Canberra, the Australian joins the house of prospects
  • Official, Jonathan Kuminga selected in 7 by the Warriors: go down to better go up, we understood each other, he understood
  • Official, Franz Wagner drafted in 8 by the Magic: there is more than to re-sign the brother and Florida will speak German in 2022
  • Official, Davion Mitchell selected in 9 by the Sacramento Kings: an astonishing choice, but nothing more surprises us at Sacto
  • Neemias Queta, first Portuguese drafted in the NBA: parabéns, football has competition in the country of Cristiano

Night transfers

Besides the selections, the night was also marked by many trades. The biggest ? It is obviously that of Russell Westbrook at the Lakers, which will inevitably be talked about in the days to come. But we also wanted to talk about the pivot Mason Plumlee, who will continue his legendary career alongside Charlotte, without forgetting all the other small moves that marked the evening, from Landry Shamet to Ricky Rubio via Derrick Favors and Aaron Holiday.

The most moving moment of the evening

It is impossible to recap the 2021 NBA Draft without highlighting the magnificent tribute of the NBA for Terrence Clarke, who tragically died a few months ago in a terrible car accident. He should have been there, he finally heard his name being called by Adam Silver from up there.

The French

Three more Frenchies have just joined the world of the NBA. And that is nice. Juhann Begarin was lucky to be drafted since the Boston Celtics decided to select him. Joël Ayayi and Yves Pons have not been called up but their American Dream is still alive and well since the first was signed by the Lakers, and the second by the Grizzlies. Good job guys !

The replay of giga live

The NBA Draft, you could follow it with us, on the Twitch channel of TrashTalk. For five hours, we were there to comment on this great ceremony from the sofa, to live it all together. A real madness, and the kind of evening that we love thoroughly. For those who could not be there, the replay is available just below.

The large array of picks

Because recap tables are life, quite simply.

Fine analyzes of the house

Who says NBA Draft and transfers says fine analyzes. It’s inevitable. So after the evening yesterday, we started to lay you some nice papers in Hexperts mode to come back in more detail on what happened. We are announcing, this is only the beginning. And with the Free Agency fast approaching, we can already say that keyboards will heat up in the coming days.

Debrief aperitifs

You are used to, after each big event, one or more Aperitifs are released on the TrashTalk YouTube channel. And the NBA 2021 Draft is no exception. That should keep you busy.

All the important links regarding the NBA Draft 2021 are there, ideal as a benchmark for those who have struggled to keep up with the huge news of the last few hours. Come on, we are going to rest a little, but not too much either because there is a Free Agency which is fast approaching. What a life !

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