NBA – DeAndre Jordan, the sinking

Arrived this summer at the Lakers, DeAndre Jordan does not display the expected level for the moment. On the contrary, the pivot is in total perdition and this is starting to show itself seriously. Not really good news, either for him or the Californian franchise …

Aside from LeBron James, we can’t say that the Lakers were particularly brilliant against the Suns (loss 108-90, summary here). However, some players have been even worse than others, and DeAndre Jordan is definitely in that category. The interior has completely planted its meeting, certainly with 8 rebounds, but only one point and above all a non-existent presence on the floor. To the point of penalizing his team as rarely in its history!

DeAndre Jordan sucks since the start of the season

DeAndre Jordan was -26 on his +/- ratio in 15 minutes tonight.

This is the 2nd lowest +/- playing 15 minutes or less by a Laker since 2000.

It is -92 over the season, the 2ᵉ lowest of any player who played 350 minutes or less.

The observation is quite terrible for the former Clipper, who finds a way to seal his team while he does not play a lot. Considered for years as a rim runner capable of protecting his circle, we are now far from it. This is also why Brooklyn had no problem parting with him this summer, despite being close to him. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

This had not, however, prevented the Crimson and Gold from signing him immediately, convinced that he still had something to contribute with his experience and his profile. However, the results are anything but convincing and Dwight Howard in particular shows a much better face. Under these conditions, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if DeAndre 3000 was cut off, especially if a more promising player found himself available. A worrying scenario, he who is already 33 years old.

We will have to seriously raise the bar for DeAndre Jordan, who will not have much opportunity to play for the title in his career. If he doesn’t show he can be more efficient, he could quickly end up at the door.

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