NBA: Chris Paul is going through a real ordeal


At 38, Chris Paul is about to experience a whole new adventure. Author of the worst season of his career in terms of scoring, the leader should be, except surprise, cut by the Suns by the end of June. A failure for one who has still failed to win an NBA title. If the objective now is to bounce back with a contender for CP3, the latter admitted that life without a ring was difficult.

Future Hall of Famer and third best passer in NBA history, Chris Paul is an anomaly. In fact, the leader of Phoenix Suns has never won a Great League title. Coming out of his worst career season statistically (13.9 points, 8.9 assists, 4.3 rebounds and 1.5 steals), his chances are dwindling little by little, due in particular to his declining physique. Now the future of CP3 seems to be taking shape away from Arizona, the franchise wanting to separate from it.

“Your dad will never win a title”

Chris Paul also spoke about the fact of still not having won an NBA title. A situation that affects many people around him: “It’s hard for me, but it’s probably even harder for the people around me, especially my wife. It’s my wife who has to put up with these late nights, the ones when I can’t sleep. And my children, continues the leader of 38 years. My daughter is the sweetest soul you’ll meet in your life, but she’s reached the age where kids at school say mean things to her. At school, a little boy said some thoughtless things to her, like, ‘Your daddy will never win a title’ When she got in the car, she called me and she was upset. I had to have this conversation with her, talk to her and say, ‘Baby, some people talk and some people do, life is like that. »

Chris Paul wants to change things

While declaring at the beginning of April to be the player of the Great League with the biggest motivation to win an NBA title, CP3 lives very badly the new disillusion suffered this year by phoenix : « It’s tough, but no one can be tougher on me than I am on myself, and I feel like I’ve been in every possible situation… I’ve had injuries and that kind of stuff, but the most important thing is that as mad as I am, I can’t let that define me. I have to get back to work and make sure this doesn’t happen again. » dropped the former Pelicans. For now, Chris Paul don’t think about retirement. The idea now is to join a franchise ready to fight for the title. With LeBron James at the Lakers? With Victor Wembanyama to Spurs ? The future will tell.


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