NBA: Capela gives the la, in Cleveland for the New Year’s Eve –

Despite … 12 players on the flank, Atlanta has found its way back to victory. Clint Capela and his teammates, who remained on three defeats in a row, won 121-118 on the floor of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Hawks’ success bears the stamp of Trae Young and Clint Capela. The leader scored 35 points while the Geneva pivot, author of 18 points, captured 23 rebounds, including 11 in the opposing racket. Clint Capela had never been so prolific in the air since the start of the season.

Led by 16 points (60-44) in the 2nd quarter, Atlanta turned the situation around in a 3rd quarter won 40-22. During these 12 crucial minutes, Trae Young scored 12 points and delivered 7 assists while Clint Capela’s contribution was 8 points from 9 rebounds.

Note that the Hawks only committed … 2 turnovers throughout the game. Only 5 teams had achieved such a performance in history. The prize goes to Denver who had lost only one ball on February 23 against Portland.

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