NBA: Brooklyn wins first round against Milwaukee, but may have lost Harden

Announced as a final before the letter, since the elimination of the defending champions Lakers, the first act of this shock did not really keep all its promises in terms of suspense, because Brooklyn behaved like a boss at the Barclays Center, in the face of too soft Bucks. The evening had started badly, when after only 43 seconds, Harden had to leave his teammates, holding the back of the right thigh. The same one who suffered a tear in the hamstring, having removed it from the field for five weeks in the spring.

« You never want that to happen to someone like James, who is such an important, incredible player« , lamented his trainer Steve Nash. »I’m heartbroken for him. I don’t know what’s going to happen, if he’s going to play the next game, if he’s forfeited … I have no idea« The seriousness of this relapse, since the Nets have confirmed that he was suffering from ischio, therefore remains to be determined, but it falls badly, even if on this N.1 match his absence was not felt. .


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Bleeding Griffin

Unlike other teams like him aiming for the title, Brooklyn has two other formidable stars at their disposal, where LeBron James, for example, was too lonely to save his Lakers from an unfortunate premature exit against Phoenix, from the moment. where Anthony Davis failed him. To say that Kevin Durant (29 pts, 10 rebounds, 2 blocks) and Kyrie Irving (25 pts, 8 assists) took things in hand – sometimes magical, with the balancing act of the first – is an understatement. Especially since in front, the so famous defense of the Bucks was not really dissuasive and took the water at the end of the third quarter (-16).

By their side, they were able to count on all the newfound energy of veteran Blake Griffin, who, like Harden, has never yet won a champion’s ring and does not want to miss the opportunity. Have we ever seen him throw so much on balloons on the ground, he who loves nothing so much as flying to the dunk? Not sure and this resulted in a big showdown (18 pts, 14 rebounds).

Giannis too lonely

« We thought we had to step up our efforts when James had to leave us. Unfortunately, we often had to play like that depending on the injuries and the whole team did a good job. We got guys who know how to do it, and then we had Kevin and Kyrie doing what they have to doThe winger commented. Griffin (4/9) and gender specialist Joe Harris (5/9) were also adept behind the arc, much more between them than the team opposite, capable the best and the worst in this exercise, the second option prevailing over this meeting with a naughty 6/30.

From the Bucks, there is basically only the performance of Giannis Antetokounmpo (34 pts, 11 rebounds) and to a lesser degree that of the pivot Brook Lopez (19 pts at 8/11, 5 rebounds) to be saved. Further proof that the external address was terribly at half mast, like that of Khris Middleton (6/23, 13 pts, 13 rebounds). The Bucks will need a collective reaction and beef up their game on Monday, because Brooklyn not only has two more able-bodied stars but also soldiers who are working hard to guarantee it firepower.


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