NBA | Basketball – NBA: Doncic, Jazz… Rudy Gobert announces the color for the playoffs!


By finishing 5th in the Western Conference, the Jazz validated their ticket to the playoffs, having to face the Mavericks in the first round. Rudy Gobert has also announced the color on this subject.

With 49 wins and 33 losses in the regular season, the Jazz therefore finished 5th in the Western Conference. Enough to allow the Salt Lake City franchise to play in the playoffs. And in the first round, these are the Mavericks of dallas who will stand on the road from the band to Rudy Gobert. A tough adversary who could also be amputated Luka Doncic, uncertain for the start of these playoffs. Which would be good news for the Jazz and Rudy Gobert.

“We are aiming for the final, we want the title”

In an interview given to The Team, Rudy Gobert also confided in this duel against dallas and goals during these playoffs. The pivot of Jazz then explained: A different preparation with the absence of Doncic? We focus on us. We act like he’s going to play, and anyway, we’re sure he’ll come back. We have to be physically and mentally ready. We have to take four games against the Mavs, not one. Does the Jazz play its future during these playoffs? It’s a good question, and it’s possible. Individually and collectively, in the NBA, everything is played on the play-offs. Especially when there is a lot of waiting and disappointment is at the rendezvous. But our group is solid, focused on the moment. When this is over, we have leaders who will ask questions and make decisions. Where is the team? We are in a great state of mind. These hazards, I’m sure, will help us to progress, to get to know each other even better with a view to the play-offs. We are all looking forward to it. We have big goals. What is the goal ? We have no floor, no ceiling. We know where we want to go. We are aiming for the final, we want the title. But for now we are only interested in game 1 of the first series against Dallas « .

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