NBA and players’ union push back CBA validation deadline

While the NBA and the players’ association have until December 15 to decide whether or not to withdraw from the existing collective agreement, the two entities have obviously concluded to offer themselves a little extra to continue to negotiate.

It’s big money talk time for Adam Silver, owners and players. The previous deal, the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement), was concluded in 2017 and it extends until the end of the 2023-24 season. From this point of view, not too much stress, but the problem is that the League, like the players, can terminate this contract unilaterally. For this, they must notify the other side of their wish before December 15, 2022, for a break at the end of the 2022-2023 season. Obviously, the negotiations for a new deal began a while ago and we already know that there were disagreements between the two parties, in particular in relation to a possible supervision of the wage bill, a hard cap which would replace the luxury tax. So here we are on December 9 and no deal seems to be on the table. Adrian Wojnarowski ofESPN therefore informs us this evening that the two parties have decided to postpone the deadline for (possible) termination of the contract to February.

It is therefore an opportunity for the League, the owners and the players to have a little extra to continue the negotiations and find a new agreement that will satisfy everyone. The biggest risk is obviously that the two parties cannot come to an agreement and then stick to their positions, which would potentially lead to… a lockout, that is to say a players’ strike. We recall that the last one took place in 2011 and the season was then reduced to 66 games. In 1999, it was even worse with 50 games played.

It only remains to hope that Adam Silver (boss of the NBA) and CJ McCollum (president of the players’ association) will be able to prevent this.

Text source: ESPN / Adrian Wojnarowski

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