NBA: After his turbulent summer, Westbrook comes out of silence


NBA: After his turbulent summer, Westbrook comes out of silence

Published on October 5, 2022 at 08:35

For his first season at the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook will have been in great difficulty. A time announced on the departure this summer, the former Thunder player ended up staying in the California franchise. Westbrook returned to this turbulent period, he who still received the support of his coach, Darvin Ham.

After a very good season in the jersey of the washington wizards, Russell Westbrook expected a lot from his trade Los Angeles Lakers. Next to LeBron James, brodie saw himself winning his first championship title NBAespecially since the Lakers were coming out of a good period. But his first season under the tunic of Angelinos turned into a fiasco. very clumsy, Russell Westbrook lost all its impact and could not escape the many criticisms.

« All my life I’ve heard stories about me »

Long announced on the departure, in particular in a trade with Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook ended up staying Lakers.  » I am super privileged and grateful for what I have and what has been brought to me. I have incredible support around me, from my family, and I rely on my faith. Everything else will sort itself out. All summer, all my life, I’ve heard stories about me. That’s not going to change today. So it’s nothing new to me. I will continue to keep my head down, focus on the competition. And everything else will sort itself out “, assures the leader of the Lakers in comments relayed by Basketball USA.

“I have a plan for him”

His new coach, Darvin Hamalso reassured Russell Westbrook: “ He is with us, we appreciate him, and we want him to succeed. As I said before, I have a plan for him. This plan was included when I was given this position. It’s a great training camp for him and he’s playing well. »

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