NBA – A great LeBron James, stunning Golden State Warriors and invincible Phoenix Suns

The game: Warriors dominate Sixers over time

From 19 points behind to a victory of 20 points. The Warriors are definitely capable of anything. Mistreated by the Sixers at the start of the match, they recovered in the third quarter – their trademark – to finally win quite easily (116-96). Another success for Stephen Curry and his teammates, untenable in the fourth quarter. The star leader was good, with 25 points scored, but above all altruistic: 10 assists. It was by spinning the ball that the Californians took the upper hand over a courageous Sixers team but still deprived of Joel Embiid.

Juan Toscano-Anderson was excellent off the bench (13 points to 6 of 6, 6 rebounds and 6 assists), Otto Porter also (12 points). This is the strength of the Warriors: danger can come from anywhere. « Strengh in Numbers ». A cult slogan during the greatest moments in recent franchise history. A formula that is still true and is back in fashion now that Golden State is leading the league with 16 wins in 18 matches.


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The player: LeBron James as boss for the Lakers

LeBron James is back and it changes a lot for the Lakers. Suspended during Los Angeles’ defeat at Madison Square Garden in New York, the King took revenge in Indiana. With a performance as a boss to lead his team to victory after extra time (124-116). 39 points, his best scoring game of the season. With large baskets in spades. Already, without him, the Angelenos might have bowed in regulation time. James scored 7 points in a row to give 6 lengths in advance just over a minute from the end of the fourth quarter (110-104). But as often, the Lakers have not been able to hold this advantage. And the quadruple MVP even missed the shot of winning.

But he just made the fun last. And in overtime, LeBron James really stunned the Pacers. A first three-point to put his team in control (117-114). Another in the wake to finish off his opponents. With even the little celebration that goes with it.

The Lakers again show a positive record with 10 wins and as many losses. But they only played 9 games with LeBron, for a 6-3 record.

The series: 14 in a row for Phoenix

It didn’t go far. Phoenix’s winning streak almost ended in Cleveland on Wednesday night. But Devin Booker and Chris Paul took control in the last moments to lead the Suns to a 14th straight victory by finally defeating the Cavaliers (120-115). « We know that we can win without the manner. We would prefer to earn 30 each time. But the Cavaliers have a really good team and we just find other ways to win« Says the coach, Monty Williams. The last finalists have indeed won all types of different victories for a month. To arrive at this series of 14 in a row.

But, often, it comes down to the talents of CP3 and Booker. The first compiled 17 points and 12 assists by registering 4 free throws in the last 8 seconds. The second scored 35 points. And the Suns ended up tearing away at the end to ensure a new success, taking advantage of 3 missed shots by Ricky Rubio in the decisive moments. It is precisely against Cleveland that Phoenix launched its series on October 30. Almost a month later, here she is still unbeaten with a 15-3 record.

Performance: Anthony Edwards leads Wolves to fifth straight win

Things are better in Minnesota. The young team are running in playoffs and are on the upswing after going through some tough times. The Wolves still had a fifth consecutive victory by taking the upper hand over the Heat (113-101), second in the East! A success to be put to the credit of Anthony Edwards. The first choice of the 2020 draft was excellent and decisive despite the presence of Jimmy Butler against him. He finished with 33 points and 14 rebounds while ringing the revolt of his pack. And it was not far from slamming one of the dunks of the year.

The Wolves returned from the locker room with 8 points behind (54-62) but they chained the distant baskets to pick up the score and then come back in front. Malik Beasley added 29 points for Minnesota, which returns to the top-8 race in the West (eighth with 9 wins and 9 losses).

The surprise: The Rockets shocked the Bulls!

At last ! The Rockets finally won a game after 15 straight losses! And to mark the occasion, they beat the Bulls, one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference! A 118 to 113 victory. The second of the season. With 8 players at 10 points or more – including 18 for Danuel House or 16 for Christian Wood – to collectively gain the upper hand over the Chicago armada. The Rockets are always last in the NBA but they will be able to build around this pretty unexpected success to say the least.

Image: Kevin Durant passes Allen Iverson to the all-time top scorers chart

Kevin Durant enters the top-25 by overtaking one of his idols, Allen Iverson. He only needed one point to get past the former Sixers superstar.

« Iverson was one of my favorite players. One of the ones I wanted to copy every time I played outside. To overtake him is incredible. I have to continue now« Says KD, author of 21 points in the victory of the Nets against the Celtics (123-104).

The French: Rudy Gobert unstoppable in the racket, Maledon back

Rudy Gobert could at least be named in the four or five mentions outside the top-5 favorites for the MVP after more than a month of competition. Because yes, he is really dominant and his Jazz is a success story. Already 12 in 18 matches. Including the latest against the Thunder last night (110-104). With 15 points (5 of 7 on shots), 17 rebounds and 5 blocks for the French pivot. Opposite, Theo Maledon replayed with Oklahoma City for the first time in two weeks. He scored 6 points in 13 minutes.

The results of the night in the NBA

Cavaliers – Suns: 115-120
Pacers – Lakers: 116-124
Magic – Hornets: 99-106
Celtics – Nets: 104-123
Rockets – Bulls: 118-113
Grizzlies – Raptors: 113-126
Bucks – Pistons: 114-93
Timberwolves – Heat: 113-101
Pelicans – Wizards: 127-102
Thunder – Jazz: 104-110
Spurs – Hawks: 106-124
Kings – Trail Blazers: 125-121
Warriors – Sixers: 116-96


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