NBA 2K23 Steam reviewers slam last-gen port of PC version

NBA 2K23 Steam reviews slam the game on PC as gamers express disappointment that the PC version of the game isn’t a port of the current-gen version, but rather last-gen versions of the sports game.

The previous-gen port of NBA 2K23 means some major modes and features are missing, along with some more minor tweaks that the power of current consoles is able to showcase. Following its September 8 release, the basketball game has a mixed review rating on Steam, with many gamers unhappy with how 2K has dealt with the last-gen version of the game.

According to an FAQ page for NBA 2K23, the development team will « continue to investigate » bringing the more modern version of the franchise to PC, adding that the current focus is on optimizing Xbox Series versions. X / S and PS5 of the game, not on the PC Port.

The biggest missing feature, as current Steam reviews for NBA 2K23 point out, is MyNBA Era, which lets you choose a specific famous era in basketball history. The previous MyNBA feature is now « Modern Era », while « Magic vs Bird Era » and « Jordan Era » are only available in current versions of NBA 2K23.

A number of other features are also toned down for the PC version of NBA 2K23, including lower graphical fidelity, no badge system, and a lower frame rate, which some reviews on Steam claim crashes the game when trying. to make it reach 60 FPS.

Last-gen versions of NBA 2K23 are currently $59.99, with current-gen versions being $69.99, with the PC port on Steam cheaper at $59.99.

“The very fact that PC gamers aren’t on the side of the next generation of games is honestly completely disrespectful. PC gamers have been on the « next gen » console for years and years, but with each release, console gamers get more than PC users. It’s literally a spit in the face,” said a review on Steam.

« Playing the game at frame rates above 60 results in buggy MyCareer matches where the next spawn simulation doesn’t work, » said another, « and you’re forced to watch the game play out in literal slow motion. » Slow motion continues even when you’re in-game. »

You can find NBA 2K23 Steam reviews here, or head to the official site for the FAQ outlining 2K’s approach to porting the game to PC.

Madden NFL 23 had its last-gen PC version only, with FIFA doing the same at EA as well.

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