NBA 2K23: How to scan your face? – NBA 2K23

Like previous installments in the NBA 2K franchise, it is possible to scan your face in NBA 2K23, freshly released on all platforms. However, unlike the other episodes, it will no longer be possible to do so via PlayStation Camera and Kinect on consoles, since it will be imperative to switch to the mobile application. MyNBA2K23which is free to download on iOS and Android devices, as in previous years.

So, after downloading it here for Android or here for iOS, if you haven’t already, you will only have to perform a few fairly simple steps to scan your faceand thus create a player who looks 100% like you, ready to become the biggest star in the NBA, breaking all records.

NBA 2K23 Face Scanning Steps

  • Set up your « MyPLAYER » account and associate it with NBA 2K23 and MyNBA2K23.
  • Select « Scan your face » through the app.
  • Follow the instructions.

However, for the rendering to be as faithful as possible, but also of the best quality, make sure that the brightness when taking the photo is high enough. Also, the phone should be held vertically at eye level, about 45 centimeters from your face, while looking straight ahead, even when you need to turn your head.

When you have obtained the expected result, you will be able to use this face to integrate it on your player, to become the best basketball player in the NBA and try to win the famous ring. Note that despite everything, the result will not be the most realistic in game.

For the rest, you can find the locker codes in this guide, in order to recover some significant rewards.

NBA 2K23 is as a reminder available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It will arrive on next-gen when available. If you do not have it yet, know that our partner Instant Gaming offers it to you at a lower cost on the following platforms:

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