NBA 2K23 available on pre-order promo at Cdiscount

The game is available in two editions and on all current consoles. The Michael Jordan Edition – corresponding to the collector’s version – is enriched with additional content, such as virtual tokens and MyTEAM points.

The NBA 2K23 game or game + controller packs currently on pre-order on Cdiscount

For this new release, Cdiscount offers to pre-order the different editions and versions of the basketball simulation game. Any pre-order honored before the release of 2K23 entitles you to common bonuses:

  • 5,000 virtual currency tokens
  • 5,000 MyTEAM Points
  • Skill and boost optimizations
  • A 95 rated MyTEAM jersey and game card

The collector’s edition, dubbed the Michael Jordan Edition, also offers additional content.

NBA 2K23 Standard Edition, with Devin Brooker (Phoenix Suns) on the cover

NBA 2K23 Standard Edition brings basketball’s greatest competitions to life. With revamped gameplay, this game improves the experience of shooting and moving around the field. Once again, the license honors the big names in this sport, Michael Jordan in the lead. In particular, it will be possible to relive the 1998 NBA Finals, where the famous Chicago Bulls No. 23 was particularly famous.

The Michael Jordan Edition, with additional content for experienced players

Regulars of the NBA 2K license already know the principles of TEAM and Career in previous games. 100,000 VC — corresponding to the game’s virtual currency — and several MyTEAM tokens and points enhance the managerial experience. Career mode boost optimization packs and several accessories customize teams.

NBA 2K23 game packs + controller

The basketball simulation game is also available with a controller for PS4 or for PS5, in both editions.

Take control of your own basketball team with NBA 2K23, currently on pre-order on Cdiscount.

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