NBA 2K22 – Ben Simmons mocked after his rating was discovered!

In the game of finding notes in the upcoming NBA 2K, Ben Simmons clearly can’t be smiling. The publisher has just unveiled his, and as much to say that it is quite low. On Twitter, many took the opportunity to laugh a little.

As talented as he is since joining the NBA, Ben Simmons hasn’t really improved since. Even though his defense contribution is very good, his attacking game has not improved over time. A reproach for the Australian, who must absolutely question himself this summer to try to revive. In view recent information on the case, not sure if it is in the 76ers.

A trade could take place before the recovery, although anything is still possible. While waiting to know the outcome of his soap opera, Simmons was able to discover his rating on the next NBA2K22 (list of the best players here). Suffice to say that it’s not crazy, since he gets an 84, same rating as LaMelo Ball for comparison. What to arouse mockery on Twitter.

It should be 77 at the most


Way too high

LaMelo doesn’t deserve to be in the same tier as Simmons. It’s disrespectful to LaMelo

Hall of Fame level brick shooter

84? That’s a stern note for Ben Simmons, but not necessarily undeserved after such a season. If he wants a better one, no choice, we will have to run on this season. The Australian knows what remains for him to do.

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