NBA 2021 playoffs: Sixers

After a first preview yesterday, that of the series between the Bucks and the Nets, we move on without further delay with the other semi-final in the East. Philadelphia Sixers vs Atlanta Hawks, as stylish opposition as possible between a title candidate and the Hawks who are no longer afraid of anything. A lot of things to say, so we sit down and talk?

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Joel Embiid facing his new victims, if Jojo is on his feet quickly enough for an expected carnage. Trae Young faced with new guard dogs, much more rabid than those of the Knicks. The supporting cast battle, a potential X factor in this series. Three components of this hyper interesting match-up between the Sixers and the Hawks, three components among many others, and therefore the opportunity to sit down for three quarters of an hour to talk about it, in order to try to understand, and d ‘imagine what outcome could offer this semi-final of conf. Two opinions which sometimes clash, which get tangled up at times, and always the same credo, give our opinion in order to collect yours in comments. Deal?

Armchair, fresh lemonade, fan or large plaid depending on the weather at home, and we click on Play, we listen, we watch and we comment. Go stop, we stop giving you orders, so good viewing and see you soon for new adventures.

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