Naucelle. Several volunteers honored and awarded by « Jeunesse et Sport »

A good hundred people attended this evening organized by the Drajes (Regional Academic Directorate for Youth, Engagement and Sports) in the room of the 2 viaducts of the intercommunal complex, last Friday, in the early evening. All led by Jean Marie Malgouyres, always very dashing, who is no longer revealed on the Naucellois and well beyond, accompanied by Jean-Luc Boue. An evening punctuated by a skewer of pieces chosen in advance by the local brass band. Karine Clément, mayor of Naucelle and president of the Pays Ségali, underlined the importance of volunteering for the municipality: « Sixty associations operating with the help of volunteers, a wide range of choices, sporting and cultural, punctuating in harmony the living together. The municipality has substantial infrastructures which allow the clubs to express themselves fully. municipal staff supporting events are also available. Volunteering is an intergenerational, civic and democratic exercise in which everyone can find their place … « .

Patricia Michalak, President of the Committee, thanked the local steering committee, with Éric Boissonnade, who participated in the organization of this 5th tour of Aveyron. An idea to make the institution even more visible, which is due to award 56 medals this year.

Virginie Firmin, departmental councilor and assistant to the town hall declared that «  the department is also an unwavering support of the associations, the role of an elected official is to preserve and animate this voluntary work, it is a declared will that we have « .

Anne Blanc, Member of Parliament, delighted to be there, recalled the importance of volunteering in the region: « This is a wealth to be preserved, what would France be without it? My political career began with volunteering within the BBN as a player and then a leader ».

Richard Bonfatto, head of department at Drajes, highlighted the essential nature of volunteering within social cohesion, and the Fund for the Development of Associative Life, which enables associative projects to be completed. The elected officials presented the honors in turn to the various officials in the dedicated framework. Richard Bonfatto, on behalf of the Minister of Education and the Minister for Sports, was responsible for pinning the 5 recipients of the bronze medal. Some local figures of volunteering testified to their journey.

Christian Salères (bronze medal in 2000), co-president of the FCN, Régine Sudres, emblematic figure of Naucellois, she has worked for 40 years in associations, Solange Espie, still active, it is a natural commitment, and André Bec, a « jack of all trades », artist, musician, website.

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