Nations League: Didier Deschamps reacts to the draw

The France team is fixed! The Blues, defending Nations League holders, fell in the group of Austria, Croatia and Denmark. At first glance affordable opponents. Didier Deschamps, coach of the EdF, reacted to this draw.

“Always the same deduction after a draw. Obviously we could have had a more difficult group, but I have enough respect, whether it is for Denmark which was semi-finalist of the last Euro, Croatia which we know well and Austria which is in dams. They are different oppositions with different styles. This is quite a good thing in view of the preparation for the World Cup. We will play this new League of Nations with a lot of determination and ambition. It could have been worse, I’m clearheaded. But if these teams are in league A, they are the best European teams ”, declared Didier Deschamps for the site of the French Football Federation.

Discover the full draw by clicking here.

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