Nate Pearson belongs in the Blue Jays bullpen


Since being recalled, Nate Pearson has been doing a lot of work in the Toronto Blue Jays bullpen. The former first choice, turned reliever, is an important piece for Pete Walker.

In 2023, he no longer has the pressure to be a first choice or to be a starter. Instead, he is a reliever (which obviously helps him stay healthy) who is able to stabilize the bullpen.

In 12 outings, his average of 1.69 is excellent. He sometimes pitches for two innings, which makes him an important tool for the manager.

Clearly, the American is confident.

The one who hasn’t given an earned run for two weeks started the season in the AAA and he earned a call-up.

And clearly, right now, he doesn’t deserve to lose his place. If the Blue Jays ever have to make a decision in the bullpen, I believe Anthony Bass has a better chance of leaving than him.

With Zach Pop possibly returning shortly, that will be a question to ask.

After all, Pearson has a role. His big quick and good arm in general make him a tough pitcher to outmaneuver.

If he can get a little more control, he could eventually become a closer or an important pitcher late in the game.

He might not become the starter the club wanted, but that’s better than nothing, right?

round 10
  • Chris Bassitt is still awaiting the birth of his child.
  • The Drew is no longer in the Blue Jays organization.


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