NASCAR: « We want to redeem ourselves at Daytona »


Among the seven best results obtained by Alex Labbé in 80 starts in the NASCAR Xfinity series, four were achieved on road circuits.

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The Saint-Albert driver will have another chance to show off his talent on this type of track on Saturday as NASCAR’s second major division makes another stop at Daytona.

The start of the race is scheduled for 5 p.m.

Last week, when the 2021 season kicked off, his run came to an abrupt end, on the Daytona speed ring, when he was involved in an accident he was not responsible for at 60e tower.

« We will not hide it, these road circuit races make me happy, » said Labbé. Provided obviously not to have too much bad luck and to hope that the mechanics hold up.

“I’ll tell you our two best places are Charlotte and Daytona. « 

The bad memory

Last summer, at the iconic Florida resort, Labbé had another Top 10 on his sights, but one last rough pit stop at the fuel pit came to ruin his efforts.

“In fact, this race is just a bad memory,” he recalls. We found ourselves at the back of the peloton at the start of the race after making the wrong choice of tires. Our car was on ribbed tires as the track quickly dried up. We had to go home to change them.

“Then, he continues, we ran out of fuel at the end of the second segment. This year, we want to redeem ourselves on the Daytona track. « 

At the bottom of the grid

The problem is, his poor result last week (40e and last in the classification of the event) places him 36e on the starting grid for Saturday’s race.

Due to the pandemic, the usual free practice and qualifying sessions have been struck from the schedule, unlike last week when the curtain was raised for the new season. The positions on the starting grid are determined in particular by the collection of points in the cumulative table of drivers.

“It’s the first time I’ve finished last in the Xfinity series and I’m paying the price,” said Labbé. It is not the ideal situation, but I am confident that I will gain a good number of places at the start of the race. « 

“I would say I have never had such a good car in Daytona. « 

Cindrix and Allmindinger favorites

However, the gaps between the DGM team, which runs Labbé, and teams like Penske are significant.

« I will tell you, however, that we can get more out of the game on road circuits despite our more limited means, » claims Labbé. The latter does not hesitate to consider Austin Cindrix and AJ Allmindinger, who will start from second and sixth places on the starting grid, as the main favorites to parade in the winner’s circle.

“It’s not rocket science on a road circuit,” says Labbé. You have to have a fast car and stay in the top 10 with a few laps to go. Anything can happen later. « 

Before the last checkered flag is waved on lap 52 (though obviously extra time is not necessary), the race will be preceded by two segments which will end at laps 15 and 30 respectively.

Seven top 10 in 80 starts

Alex Labbé’s record shows seven Top 10s in 80 NASCAR Xfinity Series starts. In his last participation in the road circuit, on the “roval” track in Charlotte, he obtained his best result ever by reaching the finish line at 4e rank.

Aug 11, 2018Mid OhioRoad circuit9e
September 28, 2019CharlotteRoad circuit6e
February 15, 2020DaytonaOval10e
June 20, 2020TalladegaOval9e
July 4, 2020IndianapolisRoad circuit8e
October 3, 2020TalladegaOval10e
October 10, 2020CharlotteRoad circuit4e


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