NASCAR towards an electric series?

Chief Operating Officer Steve O’Donnell confirmed NASCAR’s interest in an electric series on Thursday, citing interest from manufacturers and fans.

Newly promoted NASCAR chief operating officer Steve O’Donnell confirmed at a press conference on Thursday that he continues to explore the possibility of adding an all-electric division to his racing portfolio. This approach is part of the development of the NASCAR of tomorrow. It follows the interest of car manufacturers currently engaged, but also of potential newcomers.

NASCAR’s exploratory interest in an all-electric series was first unveiled a year ago. On Thursday, O’Donnell presented the prospect of an all-electric division. This series could appear in support like the Xfinity and the Truck.

“There is a huge demand from all our partner builders. New manufacturers plan to engage in NASCAR with electric. It is important for us to explore this path. I think our current partners are very interested. But we see NASCAR as a place where, in an ideal world, it would be everything for everyone. If you pair an electric race with a NASCAR weekend, you can see all types of technology. This would make NASCAR very attractive throughout a race weekend. »

O’Donnell said of electrifying NASCAR

Fans really waiting for an electric series in NASCAR?

In parallel with the manufacturers, it is more surprising to learn that the fans are also waiting for electrification. Despite the sport’s traditionalist culture, O’Donnell mentioned that there is fan receptivity to the idea of ​​an all-electric series. He pointed out that ultimately the end goal of showcasing different automotive technologies would be to provide entertaining racing for fans.

“Our fans are actually very open – which is surprising to some. There is interest about this technology and seeing how it would work in a NASCAR portfolio. And then there are plenty of other technologies to explore too. Hydrogen, a lot of new things that we could look at.

“But for us racing should be fun. Our fans, they love the noise, they love the sound, the racing feel. So if we go electric, I promise you it will be fun and it will be something that will fit into our portfolio and that our fans will be proud of. »

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