NASCAR Rivals trailer with some gameplay

NASCAR Rivals has finally revealed some gameplay on Nintendo Switch, which is essential to motivate you in your purchase decision. The game is expected to release on Switch on October 14, 2022.

NASCAR Rivals, the officially licensed video game of the 2022 season, puts the fun and intensity of the NASCAR Cup Series in the palm of your hands on the Nintendo Switch™. Featuring the official 2022 teams, drivers, cars and schedule for the regular season and playoffs of the world’s most popular stock car racing series.

Create your own legacy with Career Mode, race your favorite driver on any track in Race Now, beat your rivals in online, local and split-screen multiplayer, do your best to complete real challenges and customize your own driver and your paint. Start your rivalry on the track or wherever you go with NASCAR Rivals!

Let’s watch this trailer together:

NASCAR Rivals | Gameplay Reveal Trailer08/27/2022

A second video goes a little more into the details of the game:

NASCAR RIVALS: First Look At Gameplay08/27/2022

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