NASCAR Rivals Releases Today – Motorsport Games’ Official 2022 NASCAR Season Gameplay

Miami, October 14, 2022 – Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM) (“Motorsport Games”)one of the leaders in the development and publishing of racing video games, as well as the official eSports ecosystem provider for numerous motorsport disciplines around the world, today announced the launch of NASCAR Rivals, exclusive to Nintendo Switch. This latest installment in the official video game franchise covering the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season combines both the thrill of the NASCAR Cup Series and the intensity of motorsport rivalry for fans around the world. NASCAR Rivals is available from today at all distributors as well as on the Nintendo eShop for 49.99 euros. To see the trailer, click here.

NASCAR Rivals offers fans the opportunity to rediscover the spectacle of the NASCAR Cup Series regular season but also the playoffs while respecting the mobility allowed by the Nintendo Switch. The variety of racing modes also allows players to compete in different ways, emphasizing rivalry within the discipline itself and among NASCAR Cup Series teams, drivers and players, both locally and in multiplayer. All tracks, cars, drivers and teams from the regular phase and playoffs of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season are included in this opus. Available modes include « Race Now », « Career Mode » and an exciting « Challenges » mode which incorporates sequences based on real events to test players’ resilience and see if they have the shoulders to navigate through the various proposed scenarios.

« As we continue to establish new ways to bring the NASCAR Cup Series to life, our goal with NASCAR Rivals is to highlight an inherent element of all motorsports, which is competition. »said Jay Pennell, NASCAR Brand Manager at Motorsport Games. « Not only does this latest installment let fans show off their skills, it also lets them race against friends, other players online, and compete in challenges. We’re excited to put our fans in the shoes of a NASCAR Champion, while allowing them to let their rivalry run where and when they want. »

The many features of the multiplayer mode offer fans different ways to challenge themselves on the track. With the « Split Screen » mode, friends can play against each other locally using Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. With the « Online Multiplayer » mode, users will be able to play against 15 online opponents all over the world via Nintendo Switch Online. In addition, new features will give players the opportunity to NASCAR Rivals to create unique and personalized liveries with the « Paint Booth », in addition to their avatars offering a wide variety of appearances, sponsors, in order to create a real experience.

NASCAR Rivals was developed by Motorsport Games to provide a unique experience for fans to fully experience the intensity and thrill of NASCAR with the unlimited mobility allowed by the Nintendo Switch console. NASCAR Rivals offers players and fans the opportunity to live the NASCAR experience wherever they want to sharpen their skills.

NASCAR Rivals is now available from all retailers and can be downloaded from Nintendo eShop for €49.99.

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