narco-trafficking Ferraris put up for auction

It is a common practice in this country which has been fighting drug trafficking for decades. When the police arrest criminals, they have taken to confiscating their property and returning the proceeds of their sale to the state coffers. Now it’s Juan José Valencia’s turn. Nicknamed Falcon, one of the most powerful members of Clan Del Golfo, one of the most important cartels in Colombia. Falcon arrested last year. With the tidy sum of 220 million euros in his bank account.

Each Ferrari estimated 400,000 euros

Falcon had a passion for luxury and in particular for cars. The police found about thirty of them in his large property. And next October 25, the State will auction off three of its collector’s vehicles. Three Ferraris, a red superfast, a white Portofino and a gray 488 Spider. Cars each estimated at $400,000.

“All this must have a social function”

And the novelty this time is that the profits from the sale will be directly attributed to the Colombians themselves.
Indeed, President Gustavo Petro, the first left-wing president in the history of Colombia decided last August that the seizure of these illegal assets should be assigned to the service of the people. Luxury houses, jewelry, works of art. All this according to him could have « a social function ». In this case, it is for agrarian reform that these luxury cars will be used. Reform which should make it possible to redistribute land to the poorest peasants.

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