Narbonne: mini-buses to promote sport in the neighborhoods

The city’s sport, health and well-being platform is equipped with two vehicles, entirely sponsored by local businesses. Mobility allowing many development projects.

Labeled Maison sport-santé since the end of 2019, Narbonne has had a dedicated platform for several years offering physical activities for the health of its inhabitants. Open to anyone wishing to practice a sporting activity, the « sport, health, well-being » platform works mainly with schoolchildren but also seniors, with, for the latter, activities focused on fitness, skill or even fitness. hikes supervised by professionals. Objective: to reduce the factors of fall, to age in good shape and to fight against the loss of autonomy and the sedentary lifestyle. It is also at the origin of the « Sport on prescription » device, which intervenes in favor of people suffering from chronic pathologies or in long-term illness, on medical prescription.

Development projects

Recently, the platform acquired two mini-buses, entirely sponsored by local companies. « We are developing healthy sports a lot with children and senior households and plan to develop sports on prescription, explains Doctor Jean-Pierre Courrèges, deputy mayor responsible for health and autonomy policy, social policy and support for seniors. These mini-buses will serve us twice « .

Doctor Courrèges thanked the numerous Narbonne sponsors who made it possible to acquire these two vehicles.

Doctor Courrèges thanked the numerous Narbonne sponsors who made it possible to acquire these two vehicles.

In particular, they will allow the transport of athletes, but also the possibility of promoting physical activity in the city and beyond. « In order to strengthen our actions, we wish to extend our scope of intervention by going out to meet the inhabitants of priority neighborhoods and the municipalities of Grand Narbonne to provide information and screening », continues the chosen one.

Finally, with the new prescription sport, which tends to be more personalized with the establishment of a medical team within the sport and health platform, « we will develop an even closer link with the city’s sports associations ».

The sport, health, well-being platform is located at the Sports and Friendship Park. Information on +33 4 68 90 30 18.

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