Naples finds Osimhen and Spalletti, cured of the Covid

Naples will find their coach Luciano Spalletti, cured of Covid-19, but also their Nigerian striker Victor Osimhen, forfeit for the African Cup of Nations, also negative and soon back in Italy, announced the Italian club on Sunday. Luciano Spalletti should therefore be able to sit on the bench on Sunday afternoon (4.30 p.m.) for the match against Sampdoria after not being able to make the trip with his team to Turin on Thursday (1-1 against Juventus).

Osimhen, who gave up on the African Cup of Nations because insufficiently recovered from fractures to the face suffered at the end of November, is also now « negative » after being tested positive on December 30 in Nigeria, announced the Napoli in a tweet. « He will return to Italy in the next few hours, » said his club. Osimhen has not played since his head injury on November 21, during an air collision with an Inter Milan defender. Operated two days later, he resumed individual training two and a half weeks later. He now has a tailor-made protective mask that can in theory allow him to follow group training.

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