Nantes and its agglomeration: an area well served by public transport

Real estate speaking, the attractiveness of a city has an impact on its real estate market. Like many towns on the Atlantic seaboard, Nantes, but also its conurbation, have been subject to severe real estate pressure for several months now. Understand by this that, not only in the capital of the Loire-Atlantique department but also in the neighboring municipalities, demand is strong but properties for sale are rare… However, and although the power of attraction of Nantes and its region (which no longer needs to be demonstrated) has the effect of causing the price of its real estate to soar, it is clear that the increase tends somewhat little to slow down. Judge for yourself, the price per m² in Nantes, which reached €4,119 (houses and apartments combined *), only shows a 1.1% increase over 1 year, and only increases by 0.3% over three months . In question, in particular, a tightening of the conditions for granting mortgages with 45% of financing files which are currently refused.

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