Nancy. Five restaurants to travel without leaving the city

India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Maghreb… Many restaurants in Nancy allow you to travel thanks to your plate. Among these addresses, five tables offer an exotic and unusual culinary journey.


Green, yellow, a Brazilian flag… Opened 6 years ago on rue Braconnot, the Boteco do Brasil takes customers on a multi-sensory journey as soon as they arrive. Then, it’s the menu that invites you to escape… In particular with the feijoada, simmered with black beans and various smoked meats, which is “the national dish”, underlines Fernando Marques, server of the restaurant launched by chef Iracema. Originally from the Bahia region, the owner also offers picanha, the most famous cut of beef in Brazil, and moquecas of prawns or cod. “It’s a coconut milk marinade,” says Fernando Marques. What about drinks? Caipirinhas do you want some here!


Rue de la Commanderie, the Asia Mix restaurant opened its doors in January 2020. But contrary to what the sign might imply, the establishment does not offer Chinese or Vietnamese cuisine. « We make specialties from Central Asia », sums up Kristina Nemaltsev, originally from Siberia, whose husband, the restaurant’s cook, is Kyrgyz.

On the menu, for example: plov, a typical dish from Uzbekistan, « made from lamb and rice », describes the woman who arrived in Nancy 20 years ago as a student. “We also offer mantis, large dumplings typical of Kyrgyzstan, or pelmeni, which are Siberian dumplings stuffed with beef. »

At the end of September, “Asia Mix” must be renamed “La Yurt” in order to clarify the proposed trip.


“Once, a customer was surprised that there were no hamburgers or fries, says one of the associates of the institution Chez Vassili, behind the Pépinière. He thought our Georgian cuisine matched the American state, but not at all. “Open for 14 years, the restaurant offers “a melting pot of Caucasian dishes”, formulates the partner.

Georgia, but also Armenia and Azerbaijan, three small countries wedged between Russia, Iran and Turkey. On the menu of the establishment: khajapuri, bread with cheese and egg « of which there are 400 recipes », he smiles, but also tchakapuli, « with pieces of lamb confit with tarragon ».

And to add: “We also have Zedazeni, a Georgian beer, and lots of Caucasian wines, because it is the cradle region of viticulture. »


Stopover now across the Atlantic. At 14 rue Mon-Désert, the customer walks through the door of the Tabarnak restaurant and instantly finds himself in Quebec. A photo of Celine Dion, elk antlers hanging on the wall and above all a painting offering fifteen different poutines, this Quebec dish made up of fries, cheese and gravy. Because of the war in Ukraine, the boss, Cyril Iung, crossed out the “ine” of “putin” on the logos of the establishment, thus becoming a “pout bar”. Beyond the famous Canadian dish, Tabarnak is also an expert in smoked meat, smoked meat sandwiches from Montreal. As for the sweet touch, customers can order a tarte tatin… with maple syrup.


The little gastronomic world tour ends in Europe. Inspired by his travels in Greece, Paul Girard opened Mazi in July 2020, rue gourmande. Tzatziki, lamb or “veggie” moussaka, Greek yoghurt are notably on the menu. An establishment which now has a little brother on rue Saint-Georges, with two young people from Nancy who worked with the boss of Mazi before opening Tizi last spring. A restaurant specializing in Hellenic street-food.

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