Nagusa « doesn’t give a damn about everyone » for Urios with his paternity leave


Christophe Urios took advantage of his visit to the Grandes Gueules du sport this Sunday on RMC to give his opinion on the Nagusa controversy. The Fijian winger from Grenoble made an impression by requesting paternity leave from his club.

Do you plan to have children in the next few years? Reserved for women by some employers for years, this question could soon spread during contract negotiations for professional sportsmen in rugby or football. In France, this problem arouses many reactions after the paternity leave taken by Timoci Nagusa without real consultation with his club of Grenoble in Pro D2.

« It is a little beyond me. Indeed, high level players are exceptional people who have succeeded and who are involved with clubs. I am obviously talking about team sports and guys because for girls it is something else again. But I find that he (Nagusa) is taking his staff hostage, he is taking his club hostage, regretted Christophe Urios in the program Les Grandes Gueules du sport this Sunday on RMC. has strong performance and life constraints besides performance, they have a lot of free time next to the guys. He can very well support his family while playing the game with his club. has a real trust problem. « 

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Urios: « Nagusa is not his first attempt »

In addition to the completely legitimate question of paternity leave, Christophe Urios especially pointed to the way Timoci Nagusa did things. If the Fijian respected the framework of French law, he did not do it in good understanding with his club in Grenoble. Another negative point in this controversy, the 32-year-old has not always been an example of professionalism during his career.

« I just want to say a little word about Nagusa. He is not his first attempt. He played in Montpellier and systematically, I say systematically, he arrived two weeks or three weeks or even a month late in his club. It is not only for a paternity leave. It goes beyond the societal framework, again let go the manager of the UBB in the GG of Sport Obviously that it is a real question to be asked in the sport of top level. What is the place to bring up his children or in relation to his wife? I think it’s a great cause to defend, indeed. Now, in the case of Nagusa, I think he doesn’t give a damn about the everyone’s mouth. « 

Urios wants exchanges between players and clubs

Beyond the simple Nagusa case, the issue of paternity leave in professional sport could spread if some players decide to emulate the Fijian. Not necessarily opposed to a break for family reasons, the UBB manager wants more communication between all parties.

« We have a concrete case. We have a player whose wife will give birth next week. It’s a cesarean delivery, and it’s been a month since he told me about it. Since the resumption in fact. She gives birth on Wednesday, on our day off. There is an agreement with the player, said Christophe Urios. We will obviously leave him alone on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. And then he will return to the team in a very classic way. . It’s framed with the player and his wife. It’s clear, precise and clean. Frankly that’s how it happens. How can one imagine that a player leaves three weeks. It’s possible that the the Nagusa case sets a precedent. Now there is the settlement, the contract, the money and there is also the fact of looking each other in the eye. « 

For the time being, Timoci Nagusa benefits in particular from the support of the Provale players’ union and its president Robins Tchale-Watchou. His paternity leave continues to make people talk and shed light on a real societal issue in France.


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