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Mobile interior, strong blocker, able to move away and even shoot 3-pointers, Myles Turner quickly attracted envy over his evolution in the NBA. The rumors took on even more weight after the arrival of Domantas Sabonis, even if the two players tried to be associated in the racket of the Pacers.

If a player had to pack his bags, logic dictated that Myles Turner would go. Still, it’s now been five years since the Lithuanian arrived in Indianapolis, and Myles Turner has still not moved.

« At any time, I can take my things and move »

The interested party was invited to speak on the subject, ensuring for example that he had never yet been contacted by a player directly to invite him to join him, and that he had ended up getting used to the rhythm of rumours, at the approach of each trade deadline, and with each off-season.

« It’s more like player representatives or managers, that kind of people, » he explained before discussing the very first rumors of a departure from the Pacers. “I would say the first time I encountered trade rumors was probably four years ago. I didn’t know what to think about it. As the summers progressed, I heard more and more things, that the details were almost settled. I got used to hearing it all the time. I just took it as part of the business.”

It is also an opportunity for him to recall that if he has sometimes projected himself on a departure, these prospects have never diverted him from his missions when he is in the field. Especially since he has only had one franchise so far.

“At any time, I can take my things and leave. I spent my whole career here. So if I were to be traded, there would still be love between me and the town regardless. If not, I would be ready to give it my all here,” he added. “Of course, I can reflect a little on what it would be like to leave, especially with the fact that it circulates so much. But once I’m between the four lines of the field, all those thoughts go by the wayside. I’m here to play basketball. »

The title of best defender of the year in sight

For now, Myles Turner must wait away from the field and will be re-examined for his stress fracture in ten days. He may therefore not be able to play again before the Trade deadline on February 10.

Whichever team he resumes with, the interior clings on, also keeping his personal goals in view, such as the title of best defender in the league.

 » Sure. It’s something I want this year, and something I want every year. I don’t know how much the injury will affect it all but all I can do is control what I can control. To continue to be myself and to be the best blocker in the world, in addition to everything I do on the court.

It also remains to be seen how this injury will affect his fate in the NBA in the short term.

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