Myles Garrett, the very likely No. 1 of the 2017 NFL Draft

At 21, Myles Garrett should, unless surprised, be selected as the first choice by the Cleveland Browns.

Undisputed holder of Texas A&M University, Myles Garrett completed his course with all the honours: Unanimous All-American (2016), Bill Willis Award (2015), Second-team All-SEC (2014), First-team All-American ( 2015), 2-time First-team All-SEC (2015, 2016) and Consensus Freshman All-American (2014). A constant progression for the Defensive End who could count on his impressive physique to win.

The size of a defensive end, the speed of a running back and the agility of a cornerback

With 10kg of muscles and 2cm taken between his last year in high school and today, he is now 1m98 for 122 kilos. Rather explosive for his size, the player represents this new generation that is both powerful and extremely mobile. But that’s not all, Myles Garrett also has a very good football IQ. At his post, it’s always taken.


The needs of the Browns have been evident for many years. Beyond a good quarterback that the franchise is desperately looking for, they need a pass-rusher. Garrett may be that man and for a long time. If the salvation of the Ohio franchise, at the bottom of the hole, will not pass by itself, it will have an immediate impact on the entire defense. For a franchise with a 1-15 record last year, there is more than urgency in this area.

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