« My three children saved me »

The French pilot, who leaves his autobiography, told with emotion the “miracle of Bahrain”, Monday evening on France 5.

On the occasion of the release of his autobiography co-written with his wife Marion (Death in the face, City editions), Romain Grosjean returned, in the program C à Vous, to his terrible accident which occurred during the Bahrain Grand Prix on November 29, 2020. Although he has already told it many times in the media since , the story of those endless seconds spent in his burning car is still strong.

I see death coming in front of me.

Romain Grosjean

« I realize that everything around me is orange, an abnormal color. I realize there is fire narrates the French pilot on the set of France 5. One of the explanations that does not make sense today: why I did not pass out with such a violent impact? Why didn’t I feel any heat and why didn’t my lungs burn either? You should know that the lungs can blister inside and if so, you can very well come out of a fire incident and twelve hours later be in a critical situation.« .

« Those 26-27 seconds seemed like a minute and a half to me. The thoughts I have had last for milliseconds. First tell me that it is not possible, that it cannot end like this, thinking of my career in Formula 1 and then thinking of Niki Lauda who had a huge accident in F1 in 1976 and who had been burned too, continues the man who now rides IndyCar in the United States. The moment arrives when I see death coming in front of me and the gloves burning trying to extricate me. I feel the burning hands« . A true miracle worker, also saved by the Halo which today protects pilots during shocks, Romain Grosjean has found the strength to get out of it thanks to his relatives: « my three children, they are the ones who saved me. All the people say to me, « but what happened thank God ». I say « No. Thank you to my three children. » They are the ones who saved me. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.« 

The autobiography of Romain Grosjean. City

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