My picks for the 2021 All-Star Game

While we still don’t know where the 2021 MLB All-Star Game will take place in the MLB, that doesn’t stop us from starting to vote for the players we want to see given a rating. show to celebrate sport.

Moreover, know that the MLB opened the vote to the general public.

So I was inspired and decided to bring you my own ballot of the players I would like to see at the 2021 All-Star Game. We will look at everything position by position.


After an operation that cost him the 2019 season, Salvador Perez (Royals) is back at the top of his game. He may not be as strong defensively as he used to be (and again he gets the job done), but his stick more than makes up for it.

Buster Posey (Giants) is simply exceptional since the start of the campaign. He may have missed the 2020 season, but Posey probably used the last year to drink from the Fountain of Youth. We see again the Posey of the beautiful days, and it well deserves its place.

1st goal

Who other than Vladimir Guerrero Jr. (Blue Jays) in the American? The Toronto troop slugger finally lives up to the expectations placed on him as he soared through the minor leagues and is currently fighting for the Triple Crown in his league. One of the easiest choices in the newsletter.

Interesting statistic: even if Max Muncy (Dodgers) hitting only .268 on average and having only 13 homers, he leads the majors for the WAR (according to Baseball-Reference). Muncy is one of the most disciplined hitters on the Manfred Tour and continues to be very underrated.

2nd goal

The month of May of Marcus Semien (Blue Jays) Places her comfortably in the favorite chair to represent the American in her position. We’re currently reviewing the 2019 Semien (an improved version, even), and that’s exactly what the Jays were hoping for by offering him a contract for this season.

I doubt he will be the lucky one, but Jake Cronenworth (Padres) is having a great season in the shadow of Fernando Tatis Jr., his double play partner. Cronenworth is an all-around player who is excellent at making contact with the ball, and I hope to see his work recognized.

3rd goal

Rafael Devers (Red Sox) is starting to emerge as a leading player in the Majors, and the 2021 season only proves it. He hits the ball with power and is a big hunk that got the Red Sox off to a good start to the season.

Many questions hovered about Kris Bryant (Cubs) before the start of the season, and the Cubs star silenced all his critics with a start to the season that rivals the campaign that won him the MVP title in 2016.


Xander Bogaerts (Red Sox) is, like his teammate Devers, one of the Majors’ most underrated hitters. He slowly begins to join the conversation for the best shortstop in the Majors, a position he already occupies (in my opinion) in the American.

The easiest choice of the whole newsletter: Fernando Tatis Jr. (Padres). Even though he’s missed a few games, the Padres superstar has been just mind blowing since the start of the campaign and has hit another gear. And, after all, imagine the pleasure it would bring in the meeting!


Byron Buxton (Twins) finally reached his full potential in 2021, and that makes him one of the most electrifying players since the start of the campaign. Speed, defense, power, contact: Buxton has it all, and they’re all top-flight in the league.

Let’s hope that Mike Trout (Angels) be back in good health for the game, because every opportunity to see the best player in the world in action is a good one. Otherwise I would like to see Adolis Garcia (Rangers) get his chance, he who showed so much perseverance to get to be what he is today.

It might be bad in the Bronx, but it ain’t no faultAaron Judge (Yankees). At the moment, he remains relatively healthy, and as he always has, he hits the ball like few players in the show.

I really like Nick Castellanos (Reds), and to see him being one of the best hitters this year doesn’t surprise me at all. He has dominated the Nationale since the start of the season, and will likely secure a well-deserved All-Star ticket.

Jesse Winker (Reds) He may not be the most famous player, but he is also an exceptional hitter. He and Castellanos carry the Reds on their shoulders with a simply monstrous campaign debut.

Ronald Acuna Jr. (Braves) has been phenomenal since the start of the season, too, and barring a huge surprise, he’ll be in for the All-Star Game. Like Buxton, he’s got it all at exceptional caliber, and he won’t steal his place in the All-Star Game.

Designated Hitter (American only)

Don’t worry: I haven’t forgotten Shohei Ohtani (Angels). The Japanese, who is dominant on both batting and mound, is doing things not seen since Babe Ruth almost a century ago. Unless there is an injury, he will be there, rest assured.

Don’t forget to vote through this link to see your favorite players in action at the All-Star Game. Did I miss some players? Do not hesitate to let me know!

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