My man: Emma Fortin on Brendan Gallagher


MONTREAL – She said, “Yes! »

In general, when Brendan Gallagher is not standing on his own two feet, he is causing a stir in the opposing goalkeeper’s area. But, on July 7, the Canadiens forward found himself on his knees for a completely different reason, to propose to his girlfriend, Emma Fortin.

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Whistler, a city in British Columbia known for its impressive mountains, served as the backdrop on request, and it goes without saying that the couple took the opportunity to reach new heights.

We caught up with Emma to learn some fun and juicy facts about the Canadiens’ number 11. Little secret, he would be less competitive than his better half!

Please note that questions and answers have been reworded for clarity and brevity.

How is he at home? Is he the big teddy type or rather independent?

Like a big teddy bear.

When he arrived with the Habs, cooking was not his strength. Has he improved and cooks for you?

Yes. Every Tuesday, he prepares me a Brendan Special since my classes finish late. It’s a bavette with a caesar salad, fries and asparagus. It’s always the same thing on Tuesdays.

Is this your favorite meal among those he prepares for you?

It is her favorite meal. [rires]

Does he cook anything else?

BBQ. Otherwise, he usually orders his own lunch.

What are your favorite restaurants to go to together?

We often go to Béatrice and Grinder.

What are his greatest qualities?

I would say generosity, listening, empathy and emotional intelligence.

And what annoying habit does he have?

Complaining… But he does it more as a joke, so it doesn’t count, I would say.

The Bengals are his favorite football team. Does he watch the games every Sunday?

Yeah, but that’s okay because he’s massaging my feet at the same time, while I’m doing my homework next to him. [rires]

So he still takes care of you?

Yes, 100%!

What activities do you like to do together?

We do everything, whether it’s going for walks, going to dinner or having lunch… We’re together all the time.

How was he on your first date?

At first, it looks like he was embarrassed. Then he came to me and we haven’t let go since.

What was the first present he bought you?

A small bracelet.

Is this your favorite gift from her so far?

No, it’s him. [Pointe vers un autre bracelet en riant]

You’ve had a dog since last summer. Which of you do you prefer and who is the strictest with him?

Me, he follows me everywhere, but Brendan takes care of him a lot. And I’m stricter; he just pretends to be strict. [rires]

Who is more competitive between you two?

I would say that when we’re together, I’m the most competitive. It’s like he can’t be as much as me, so he’s calmer.


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