Music from the Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 Uber Eats ad

Amazon Prime in collaboration with Uber Eats delivers the Ligue 1 football exclusively to us. The music in the commercial is the track by Thin Lizzy titled “The Boys are Back in Town”.

amazon prime league 1

Advertising for Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1

The ad Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 Uber Eats takes place in an apartment. A young woman has received a huge package that she is about to open. Suddenly, a hand comes out from inside the cardboard box and tears the tape that seals it. Dimitri Payet then comes out of the package, a remote control in hand and turns on the TV. This broadcasts a match.

In another apartment, a young man is sitting in front of his computer. He looks tired. Suddenly, a soccer ball jumps out of nowhere and ends up in the paper basket. The man turns around and sees the Amazon package he received which is open. He then sees the PSG player by his side Marquinhos who appears at his side under his amazed gaze.

In a completely different atmosphere, we see three young people sitting on a sofa. They are bored in front of their TV which broadcasts a documentary on butterflies. Suddenly, a package hitherto quietly placed in a corner tumbles. The Monaco player comes out Wissam Ben Yedder. The three young people are totally shocked by this appearance which they did not expect at all. The player then comes and sits next to them and changes channels to put on a match on Amazon Prime Video. Immediately, the atmosphere changes and everyone begins to jubilate in front of a scored goal.

Who are the players in the Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 2022 ad?

To present its new offer, the Ligue 1 Pass, Amazon has chosen 3 French players. It sounds like a prediction, as the FIFA World Cup will take place in November in Qatar. Indeed, an artificial intelligence has already predicted and gives the France winner of the next world cup 2022. Thus, we find in this spot:

Dimitri Payet is a player who plays as an attacking midfielder at Olympique Marseillais. He was born on Reunion Island where he began his training before continuing in Le Havre. During his career, Dimitri Payet played for AS Excelsior, FC Nantes, AS Saint-Etienne, OSC Lille, West Ham United before joining Marseille since 2017. The player has won several individual distinctions, but no trophies with his various teams.

Marquinhos from his real name Marcos Aoas Correa is a Brazilian footballer. He has been playing as a central defender at PSG since 2013. Before arriving at the capital club, Marquinhos first played for SC Corinthians de Sao-Paulo. He then joined AS Roma before being bought by Paris Saint Germain. With his country, he won the Copa América in 2019 as well as the 2016 Olympic Games. With his club PSG, he has won several trophies in recent years.

Wissam Ben Yedder is a player of French and Tunisian nationality who has been playing for AS Monaco since 2019. Before that, Ben Yedder, once a senior, went through Alfortville, Toulouse FC, but also in Seville. He has received several individual accolades for his efficiency on the pitch.

What is the music of the Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 ad?

To introduce us to its new offer Amazon Prime Video Ligue 1 in partnership with Uber Eats, the US firm has chosen rock music. This is the song of Thin Lizzy titled “The Boys are Back in Town”. The title is taken from the hard rock album “Jailbreak” released in 1976. This song was definitely one of the rock band’s biggest hits.

Thin Lizzy are an Irish hard rock band. He had a lot of success in the 70s. The formation was originally composed of 3 members: Eric Bell on the guitar, Brian Downey on the battery and Phil Lynott on bass. FromEric Bell, two new members join the group. It is about Scott Gorham and of Brian Robertson. Subsequently, several other members will join the group over the years. Although they didn’t really succeed in establishing themselves on the international scene, the group Thin Lizzy still greatly inspired the rock music scene. Several artists admit to having drawn their influences from their music.

Amazon Prime Video in collaboration with Uber Eats

After offering us the delivery of groceries the same day for free from 60 euros, Amazon Prime is now setting out to conquer the round ball. For football fans, the American giant has deployed major resources and offers the retransmission of more than 300 Ligue 1 matches. Amazon Prime subscribers will thus be able to watch all the matches of the various competitions and no longer miss any action.

the Ligue 1 pass with Amazon Prime Video gives access to 8 matches per week. The subscription is 12.99 euros per month in addition to the Prime Video subscription. The latter went from 5.99 euros per month to 6.99 euros per month and from 49 euros to 69.90 euros per year. A price increase came into effect at the start of the 2022 school year. All formulas are non-binding. It is therefore possible to terminate the subscription at any time.

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