Murder in Mayenne: the motive difficult to determine

The Assize Court returned to the role of the two accused in the murder committed in Mayenne in 2018.
The Assize Court returned to the role of the two accused in the murder committed in Mayenne in 2018. (© Haut Anjou)

Second day of trial for the murder of a forty-something committed in Mayenne, May 19, 2018. The findings of the forensic pathologists are presented to the jurors, accompanied by photos of the victim. The crime scene is described as particularly violent. “The accommodation was small and dark. There were diffuse and extensive blood projections that impressed me, ”underlined Dr. Thibaudeau, forensic pathologist.

35 stab wounds

« There are 35 wounds with a clean edge made by a sharp, sharp instrument. The right lung was punctured several times causing hemorrhage. Eight wounds reach the liver, and three pierce it, also causing hemorrhage, ”notes Dr. Mallebranque, forensic pathologist. Two wounds of the right kidney are also listed and a gaping wound on the level of the neck which penetrated the airways but did not cause damage to the trachea or the carotid artery. “The death occurs by ventilatory distress. If we had alerted the emergency services, the victim could have been saved. The wounds were not above all therapeutic resources if they had been taken care of within the hour which followed, ”insists the legal expert.

The mystery still hangs over the intention of the accused. They claim that they did not want to kill the victim. Due to their low intellectual level, the president formulates simple and short questions.

You are aware that these are vital areas. What a result other than death is possible when one stabs so many times in these vital areas. If you didn’t intend to kill him, why don’t you call for help then?

Mrs. ThouzeauPresident of the Assize Court

The victim’s companion concedes: “I waited too long to call for help. The murder was allegedly committed between 5:15 pm and 6:17 pm. She called for help at 7:51 p.m. on the advice of her neighbor, whom she nicknamed Papi.

In front of the absence of answer as for the motive, the president insists: “We reproach you for a co-action. But it was your blows madam that caused death. What does that inspire you? The accused finally drops an apology. “I have remorse for the victims. I was not myself. « 

Insulted by the victim?

The forty-something explains her rage at the time of the facts.

There were two things. He insulted me as a pedophile towards my son and he wanted to have sex but I didn’t want to and he did it anyway.

The companion of the victim and accused

She reports a black hole after taking a sip of beer. No analysis confirms that it could have absorbed this substance.

The accused is recognized as aggressive, impulsive and susceptible, and suffering from psychological imbalance « aggravated by the problem of alcohol. In March 2018, she stopped her follow-up at the Addictology Care, Support and Prevention Center but continues her consultations at the Mayenne Medico-Psychological Center. The psychiatrist who met her believes that « it is impossible for her to recognize such aggressiveness on her part. An injunction of care is essential. She does not verbalize, she takes action to be right. « 

Affective dependence of the co-accused

His friend is mentally retarded. “His emotional quest means that he is addicted. And his deficit means that he persists in his actions. He does not have the faculty of abstraction. Neither is he armed to lie, ”agrees the psychologist. He has also been described as very easily influenced.

For the last day of the trial, Wednesday July 7, the civil parties will be heard before the pleadings and the indictment.

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