Multiple sclerosis: the cry from the heart of Dominique Farrugia

Serge V.

11/06/2021 11:01 PM

Hello Dominique, I have had MS since 2002. I learned about it the same day I turned 40 … Happy birthday 🎉. In short, that day I received a very nice gift … I presume that you receive many messages from patients, and I will not harass you, don’t worry. I just wanted to make a friendly sign to someone who helps spread awareness of this very mysterious disease. I consider myself almost privileged since I have something to eat every day and a roof over my head, which is an advantage these days. I’am aware. As I wrote, « I have never felt so good in my head, than since my legs went for a walk elsewhere. » Take care of yourself and, just like I did, you sorted out the people who are real friends. I doubt I will receive any feedback, nevertheless, please accept my regards.

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