Moves in sight at the Warriors?

Inactive during the deadline, the Warriors could sign a player on the buyout market in the coming days. Is this a goal for the franchise? Steve Kerr has just provided a rather interesting answer: the fans are fixed on the future.

With a 42-17 record, the Warriors are among the best teams in the league this season, albeit behind the Suns. Still, the teammates of Steph Curry are quite confident for the future, especially with Klay Thompson continuing to gain momentum. It is certainly promising for the future, even if there is the Draymond Green problem.

The interior has been absent for a few weeks now, and his return will not take place immediately. News is scarce for Green, who is expected to be out for quite a while, which doesn’t help the Dubs’ business. After all, the racket isn’t really full without James Wiseman in the mix.

The Warriors confident for the end of the season!

Because of these two injuries, Warriors fans expected moves at the deadline, but the front office remained silent. Obviously, signing a player is not a priority either according to Steve Kerr, who has just explained Golden State’s strategy in the coming weeks…

The player we need is not on the market, that’s for sure. Our problems go beyond simply having size. When we get beaten over and over again, it has nothing to do with the pivot position.

Kerr makes it clear, the pivot position is not a problem, at least not more than another. If the Dubs want to react, it will be with the forces present:

The way we play, it’s the cuts to the circle, the transitions, the attack point and the rest that make our lack of size on display. But for most of the season we had the same roster. Even without Draymond Green at the start, our defense held: I think it’s just a few mistakes at the moment.

No Draymond Green or James Wiseman? Not a problem according to Steve Kerr, who thinks he has the necessary men to react. The balance sheet remains very good for the franchise, which has plenty of time to empty his infirmary before the playoffs: it will be another story at that time.

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