Mounir Marzouk, the Sun in the heart

The handover dates back to the summer of 2016. After eighteen years spent on the bench of the Soleil Bischheim, the emblematic Alexis Maître was leaving for Geispolsheim. The inheritance is then entrusted to its captain.

“I had no coaching experience at this level,” recalls Mounir Marzouk. But Marc Hubscher (President) trusted me. It was necessary to be daring, especially since I was passing behind a man who had left his mark. « 

« Football has always been a consuming passion »

Then 35 years old, the Bischheimois ended his playing career started three decades earlier, in Niederhausbergen.

« Football has always been a consuming passion », assures the one who in his youth also defended the shirts of Mars Bischheim and Reichstett.

 » I’ve had…

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