Mouhamed Gueye, candidate for the 2023 NBA draft “I am ready to move on and become a professional.…”


He is the only Senegalese in the running for the 2023 NBA draft. Mouhamed Gueye intends to remain in the list of promising players of the university championship registered for the big evening of June 23, 2023 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he confided in this interview. In a few words, he tells us about this highly anticipated moment in his career.

He was born on November 9, 2002 in Senegal, is 2m10 tall and plays as a winger. For the second time in a row, he signed up for the draft to play in the NBA. Gueye says he is now ready to take the leap after two good seasons at the Washington State Cougars where he proved to be indispensable (an average of 14.3 points and 8.4 rebounds per game).

“Yes I will stay in the repechage for sure this year”

“Last year, I had great feedback, but I decided to go back (to the NCAA, college championship) to improve my game and I did. I had a great year and I’m ready to move on and turn pro. » Note that he had taken part in the post-draft process, in particular with his participation in the NBA G-League Camp in May 2022 before returning to university.

2023 NBA draft registrants have until 1er June to remain or withdraw from the list of registered. Gueye is determined to do so. « Yes I’m going to stay in the draft for sure this year, » claims the winger who is the No. 47 draft prospect and is expected to be selected in the second round, according to ESPN’s rankings.

« Coming here and doing everything I’ve done in less than 4 years is pretty impressive »

A few days ago, Gueye participated in the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago. Even though he didn’t take part in matches during this exhibition period, he certainly did not go unnoticed. Undoubtedly, the feedback confirmed him to keep his registration. “The Combine was good, it’s just a week where the teams get to know more about the players. They take notes and have interviews with you. Watching how you play and train,” he commented on his activities in Chicago.

Moreover, he comes out of it very optimistic for the future. On June 23, the 30 NBA franchises will make their choices. College players who have completed their four-year college eligibility are automatically eligible for draft. This will be Gueye’s greatest satisfaction, he confides to us. “Just being drafted in front of my family and friends would be a great satisfaction because coming here and doing everything I’ve done in less than 4 years is pretty impressive. »

Age 20 years old, Mouhamed Gueye lives a daydream no doubt. To the question, can you tell us about your journey from Senegal to the United States? He answers « I was just a regular kid playing football until I was 14, then I went to Dame and Alex’s basketball camp and that’s where it all started. »

During the combined draft, in shooting mode, Mouhamed Gueye showed his juggling skills with a basketball. The video went around the web commenting on his « skills » in football. He tells us more, about his sporting choice first. « Yes football was always my first choice I was pretty good too but I had to choose between the two so I chose basketball but I’m better at football than basketball. »

After Gorgui Dieng in 2013, Khalifa Diop last year, Mouhamed Gueye is thus positioning himself to extend the list of Senegalese drafted to the NBA. (NAF)


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