Motorsport Games Reveals NASCAR 21: Ignition Season 2022 Expansion, Available Today

Miami, October 6, 2022 – Motorsport Games Inc. (NASDAQ: MSGM) (“Motorsport Games”), one of the leaders in the development and publishing of racing video games, but also the official provider of eSports ecosystems for numerous motorsport disciplines around the world, today announced the official launch expansion corresponding to the 2022 season update for NASCAR 21: Ignition, which picks up the plot of the 2022 season of the NASCAR Cup Series. The updates, which will be available for free, will be viewable on Race Now, Online Multiplayer, and Paint Booth, and can be downloaded on Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series S and X, as well as PC from the Steam store.

For current Ignition owners, the Standard and Champions versions will both be free to download. The others will be able to benefit from a reduced rate (20 €) to be able to install it. Additionally, NASCAR 21: Ignition – Victory Edition is available, which will include Season Pass 1 (i.e. 2021 Season DLC content), 2022 Season Update, as well as Season Pass 2 (the DLC content for the 2022 season). A first glimpse of the new features present is possible in the trailer here.

“We are pleased to add this expansion for the 2022 season to Ignition today, so that our fans can enjoy content that is as faithful as possible to this historic season.”said Jay Pennell, NASCAR Brand Manager at Motorsport Games. “The updates come at a good time too, as the NASCAR Cup play-offs are in full swing. Just as next-gen cars brought unique elements to the grid in real life, they will now also have an involvement in the world of digital racing for players. It was also imperative for us to be able to reproduce this new content on each of our titles, something that we have achieved, and we are eager to see the players from Ignition, NASCAR Heat 5, NASCAR Heat Mobile, having fun with 2022 content. »

Ignition’s 2022 Season Update offers a significant number of new features. In particular, players will be able to take advantage of a redesigned user interface, making navigation between the different menus and the different settings more fluid. An improved HUD (Head-Up Display) has also been developed to display indications of tire wear and fuel level, in order to allow better real-time management of the state of the vehicle. the racing car. Moreover, new introductions of the du Motor Racing Network presenter Alex Hayden, will also be included in this new opus. Players will also be able to drive on tracks that are part of both the regular season and the play-off phase of the 2022 NASCAR Cup season. Line-ups, teams and liveries will be respected, allowing players to benefit from the highest level of loyalty. The Ignition update will also include three next-gen cars, to be a Chevrolet, a Ford as well as a Toyota, all of which will be usable on full NASCAR tracks.

In addition to being available to Ignition owners, the expansion for the 2022 Season Update will also release for NASCAR Heat 5 and NASCAR Heat Mobile. Players will be able to purchase the expansion on NASCAR Heat 5 starting October 21, 2022. The expansion for the 2022 season will also be a free update on NASCAR Heat Mobile starting October 27, 2022. With all these updates updated, the 2022 NASCAR season will be transcribed on all Motorsport Games NASCAR platforms. Players will be able to use cars, drivers, and teams from the 2022 NASCAR Cup season on Race Now, Career Mode, and Online Multiplayer in NASCAR Heat 5 as downloadable content and game content. Free update for NASCAR Heat Mobile.

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