Motorsport fans will definitely enjoy Perpignan!

Usually famous for rugby, Perpignan presents a great asset to enter the hearts of motor racing fans, the names of its streets!

The inhabitants of Perpignan can always say that the city is full of magnificent places and squares, each more beautiful than the next, but we have just discovered its true charm. And the latter is found in the choice of street names.

Indeed, a member of the twittosphere made a rather amusing discovery. Looking at a piece of the Catalan city on a map, he noticed something.

Several streets refer to motorsport and in particular French drivers. Thus, it is possible to pass, in a few minutes, by the street Alain Prost, Juan Manuel Fangio, Maurice Trintignant and many others …

beautiful tributes

If most of the French drivers who have marked the history of F1 are represented in this list, we can also find the Argentinian Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time world champion.

As you will have understood, the city of Perpignan was keen to pay tribute to the Formula 1 with these legends of the discipline. But there are still new names to add now.

And why not, who knows, one day open up to other disciplines such as rallying for example. We have certain names that quickly come to mind, don’t we? Sebastien Loeb ?

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