MotoGP: a Formula 1 driver finds that validating the sprint race without having tried it is daring

This weekend, Formula 1 is back on the Spa Francorchamps track and before entering the hostilities, some of its drivers lingered on this validation by MotoGP of the sprint race. The major motorsport category has known the concept for two years, but has declined it differently from what is expected in motorcycle Grand Prix. To try it is to adopt it, they say, but MotoGP adopted it without trying it, and that’s surprising…

First of all, remember that the sprint race in Formula 1 is different from that which will be on the program of the Grands Prix in MotoGP in 2023. Thus, for the single-seaters, it is a question of defining the starting grid for the race on Sunday, with a distribution of points much less than half of the capital of a full event expected for motorcycles. Finally, F1 adopts this scheme only in certain events, and not in all those on the calendar of a season, as it is planned next year with the two wheels.

Having made this clarification, there is also an aspect which particularly surprised a george russell and who is this: I think it’s pretty bold of MotoGP to make this decision without trying it. « . And the colleague of a starting grid where there is a Fernando Alonso who rated the MotoGP sprint race as a  » excellent idea “adds:” I think we were lucky in F1 because we had some time to try it out and see if it works. I think MotoGP and Formula 1 are two very different beasts « .

 » With two wheels less than in Formula 1, there is more chance of making mistakes or falling and getting injured »

In particular, he states: Obviously, with two wheels less, there’s more chance of making mistakes or falling and getting hurt, so I guess there’s potentially a little more room for us. It’s bold, but I think overall when I look at a number of sports and the direction F1 is taking, we’re in such a great time right now that we have to be very grateful for the work that F1 is doing. « .

He ends on Autosport: “ it’s quite exceptional to see the growth and excitement around this sport in comparison with others that have plateaued or disappeared » … Evolve or die said Jorge Lorenzo… The WSBK has also been in this formula since 2019 and is only doing better for it according to one of its protagonists currently leading the said championship and Ducati official: Alvaro Bautistawho also has 16 Grand Prix seasons behind him.

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