Moselle. « To pass on the sport reflex from an early age »

Why are the Ministers of Sports and Health cutting the sports city ribbon together?

Amelie Oudea-Castera : This Académos site is something incredible. It is a city of sports, youth but also an Olympic preparation center. We have a combination of elements in one and the same place to illustrate this theme of healthy sport.

Francois Braun : This desire to do health prevention is a major focus of health policy.

Today, what are the major issues on which your two ministries are consulting ?

FB : We have the same objective: to develop health and a culture of well-being through physical activity and sports at all ages of life.

Do you have shared budgets to implement your actions ?

FB : We will put the means because in prevention one euro invested, it is more than one euro brought back.

A.O.-C. : All the…

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