Morocco qualified for the 1/4 finals, the supporters celebrate their victory in Montpellier

Morocco qualified for the first time in its history in the quarter-finals of a World Cup, knocking down Spain after penalties (0-0, 3 tab to 0) on Tuesday at Doha. In Montpellier, Moroccan supporters celebrate the victory.

The Atlas Lions got the better of 2010 world champions La Roja in a penalty shootout where three Spaniards missed their attempts. The only non-European or South American representative in the quarterfinals, Morocco will face the winner of the last eighth between Portugal and Switzerland.

And in the streets of Montpellier, it is an explosion of jubilation, especially on the Place de la Comédie.

After Italy, never qualified, and Germany, already forgotten, it’s up to Spain to say goodbye to the World Cup 2022. La Roja lost (0-0, 0-3 on pens) against the Morocco in the 1/8 finals and said goodbye to his hopes for a second star.

The Morocco therefore qualifies for the first time in the quarter-finals of the World Cup. Social networks are also racing.

And congratulations pour in from all over the world.

Today, a whole people celebrates this feat. And if the evening is just beginning, a fireworks display has already lit up the sky of Montpellier.

Other gatherings of joy and celebration were in progress this Tuesday evening in various districts, in particular in Mosson and Figuerolles.

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